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1. Definition

  1. Bali Interio is a Custom Furniture and Interior Design Company and the manager of the www.baliinterio.co.id website that provides information about companies, services, offers, which can be accessed by customers who want to know and use the services of Bali Interio.
  2. Customers are users of the www.baliinterio.co.id website who can view, use, and utilize the website that has been developed according to their respective goals and needs.
  3. Information is anything or all data contained in the www.baliinterio.co.id website which is managed by IT support Bali Interio.
  4. Services are services provided by Bali Interio and can be used by customers to meet their desired needs.
  5. An offer is something that can be requested by a customer to Bali Interio, whether it is a request for a pre-ordered interior design, production and installation.
  6. Working days are all days other than Sundays, National Holidays determined by the government, Joint Leaves determined by the government, and/or other days that Bali Interio has informed the Customer.

2. Bidding Stage

  1. Clients are required to provide true information to Bali Interio when making interior design requests.
  2. The client must allow Bali Interio and the team to visit and take measurements at the project site according to the mutually agreed time at the time of bidding.
  3. The client is obliged to make a booking fee payment to proceed to the production stage of the agreed offer.

3. Design Stage

  1. When a new client places an order for the first time, if you don’t have a picture of the furniture design you want to make, an offer drawing will be made by the design team from Bali Interio.
  2. If the client and Bali Interio have made a deal with the offer price and have made a 1 (first) DP of 50%, a shop drawing will be made to enter the production stage.
  3. Clients may submit design requests for a maximum of 3 (three) times, not counting the revisions made due to errors and/or incompatibility of the design results with the Client’s request.
  4. For every design update submitted by the client in chapter 3c, marketing will inform the client about the result of the design revision as soon as possible.

4. Production Stage

  1. Untuk memulai pra-produksi, Klien wajib melakukan seluruh hal berikut:
    1. menyetujui Bill of Quantity (BOQ) dari website Dekoruma
    2. melakukan pembayaran uang muka, sebesar 50% (lima puluh persen) dari nilai BOQ yang disepakati pada butir 4a-i.
    3. memasukan KTP sebagai approval Gambar Kerja dan BOQ
  2. Klien wajib memberikan akses kepada Dekoruma dan/atau mitranya untuk melakukan pengukuran dan pekerjaan pada lokasi proyek sesuai jadwal yang disepakati, menyediakan izin yang diperlukan untuk pelaksanaan pekerjaan, dan menyiapkan lokasi proyek agar layak untuk pengerjaan proyek.
  3. Dekoruma dan/atau Mitra akan melakukan pengukuran lapangan selambat-lambatnya 5 (lima) hari kerja dari tanggal Klien memenuhi seluruh kewajiban yang disebutkan pada butir 4a
  4. Dekoruma bertugas untuk memastikan bahwa seluruh perabotan yang disepakati dalam BOQ siap dikirim ke lokasi selambat-lambatnya 40 (empat puluh) hari kerja setelah pengukuran lapangan dilakukan, dan/atau pada waktu lain yang telah disepakati sesuai yang disebutkan pada butir 4c.
  5. Apabila Dekoruma dan/atau Mitra idak melakukan pengukuran lapangan dalam waktu yang disebutkan pada butir 4c, maka jangka waktu yang disebutkan pada butir 4d dimulai sejak 5 (lima) hari kerja setelah Klien memenuhi seluruh kewajiban yang disebutkan pada butir 4a,
  6. Ketentuan pada 4e tidak berlaku apabila penundaan tersebut terjadi karena Klien tidak memenuhi kewajibannya
  7. Apabila pada pelaksanaannya ditemui situasi yang mengharuskan adanya perubahan sebagian atau seluruh proyek pada tahap Pra-produksi atau Produksi, maka Dekoruma dapat mengajukan perubahan pada Klien disertai dengan informasi mengenai perubahan nilai dan jadwal pengerjaan proyek. Klien dapat menyetujui, mengajukan perubahan, atau melakukan pengurangan hanya pada barang dan/atau jasa yang terkait dengan pengajuan Dekoruma tersebut.
  8. Klien tidak dapat mengajukan pengurangan pada proyek secara sepihak selain pada situasi yang disebutkan pada butir 4g
  9. Segala perubahan yang muncul setelah ditandatanganinya BOQ harus dimuat dalam Variation Order (VO), yang harus disetujui oleh Klien dan Dekoruma
  10. Dekoruma dan/atau Mitra wajib memberitahukan kepada Klien apabila terjadi keterlambatan pada butir 4h. di atas

5. Installation Stage

  1. The client is obliged to make a Phase I Payment after receiving notification from Bali Interio that the goods ordered in the project are ready to be shipped.
  2. The amount of Phase I Repayment must be stated in point 5a. is 50% (fifty percent) of the total agreed quote value minus the amount of down payment and booking fee.
  3. Bali Interio is obliged to ensure that the goods delivered follow reasonable quality standards.
  4. Bali Interio is responsible for damage that occurs to the Client’s belongings as a result of Project work, if the Client has followed the instructions from Bali Interio.
  5. Bali Interio is obligated to clean up the work and waste from the Project work.
  6. If all the work and goods that are covered by the project have been completed, Bali Interio has the right to ask the Client to sign the Minutes of Handover (BAST) and Phase II Settlement for the total value of the entire VO that has been agreed during the Installation process,
    The amount of the Phase II Repayment stated based on the Client’s agreement with Bali Interio for the addition and subtraction of work in accordance with the Variation Order (VO)
  7. Bali Interio will provide a retention period of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the signing of the Handover Certificate (BAST) for all work carried out by Bali Interio with the applicable provisions.
  8. Bali Interio will provide a guarantee for 1 (one) calendar year from the signing of the Handover Certificate (BAST) for the furniture parts that are done by Bali Interio with the applicable conditions.
  9. Clients are required to make repayments within 30 (thirty) days according to the provisions in point 5e.

6. Payment & Project Cancellation

  1. All payments related to the Offer may only be made through the Bali Interio account, according to the method determined by Bali Interio. Customers are not allowed to make payments to Designers, Staff, Field Supervisors and/or Head of Production.
  2. Bali Interio is not responsible for any losses that occur if the Customer does not follow the instructions given, either intentionally or not.
  3. In the event that the Offer is cancelled, the canceled Order Fee is non-refundable, unless an error is found on the part of Bali Interio, either from the Designer, Staff, Field Supervisor or Head of Production.

7. Force Majeure

  1. Included in the force majeure are circumstances beyond the control of Bali Interio and/or the Customer which may affect the implementation of this agreement and result in the parties being unable to implement part or all of the contents of this offer, which includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Natural events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, floods, plagues and other similar natural occurrences;
    2. Human consequences, such as war, armed invasion, revolution, unpredictable reaction, blockade, rebellion, civil disturbance, demonstration, attack or other similar causes, including the occurrence of a national banking moratorium, insolvency, liquidation or dissolution of the other people;
    3. Changes in government policies and/or regulations.
  2. The party experiencing Force Majeure shall use its best efforts to overcome such force majeure as possible and continue to perform its obligations in accordance with this agreement, with changes agreed to by all parties.
  3. Neither pople is liable to the other party for the delay or failure to carry out any actions or things that must be done under this offer (except payments), if the non-performance of these obligations is due to force majeure.

8. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality of Information

  1. Intellectual Property Rights in the form of interior design results belong to Bali Interio until the signing of the Handover Certificate.
  2. Bali Interio and/or all parties involved are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the Customer, and are not allowed to provide such information to other parties that are not related to the Request.
  3. Bali Interio with the approval of the Customer has the right to publish the results of the Request for marketing purposes.

9. Other

  1. Bali Interio has the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time, and the Customer is willing to follow the changes, after receiving reasonable notice from Bali Interio.
  2. Any disputes arising as a result of the implementation of this agreement will be resolved through deliberation for consensus between Bali Interio and the parties involved. Bali Interio has the right to give the final decision, if a consensus settlement is not reached.