Hello friends of Bali Interio, a modern minimalist style that tends to be simple, has become one of the most popular and most sought after design styles. Even so, do not traditional style. Traditional interior design still has its fans. The traditional interior, which is dominated by the use of wood elements, is able to give a warm impression to the occupants. That impression is what makes a traditional-style house feel very comfortable and comfortable to live in. You can also bring this traditional style design in the bedroom space. To add a unique feel, you can also personalize it; combine it with cultural elements. Brown furniture carved with chisels, certain motifs, to the use of chandeliers can make the atmosphere of a traditional-style bedroom very distinctive and warm. If you feel bored with traditional carved decorations and lamps, you can try to marry them with a luxury style that is chic, tropical, casual, to a modern touch. For more details, see the following brief explanation.


Mosquito nets or also known as bed canopies are decorative elements that you can present for traditional rooms. Mosquito nets give a beautiful appearance and a romantic impression. Not only beautiful, it has a special function of protecting your mosquito net from mosquitoes or other insects. Previously you had to provide a pole as a bed canopy to hang the mosquito net. choice of poles that are tailored to your wishes.

Use a white cloth that is not too thick. Even though it is an easy and simple decoration, mosquito nets are able to give a romantic and luxurious impression. The use of wood as a bedroom roof is also a unique decorative option. Beautiful mosquito nets will be more beautiful and traditional impression with the presence of a wooden roof. Wood gives a touch of natural color that makes the bedroom feel warmer and more comfortable.


Another way to bring a traditional atmosphere and impression to the bedroom area is to use wooden furniture. Wood elements will give a warm impression throughout the room. Use wood that has distinctive carvings and certain motifs. There are many models of furniture with wood type materials available in furniture stores. You can choose the type of wood you want, such as plywood or mdf. Apart from that, you can also create custom furniture with the help of a designer. Or there is nothing wrong if you buy used wooden furniture. Just don’t forget to pay attention to the conditions and benefits before buying.


The next step that can be taken when decorating a bedroom in a traditional style is the use of chandeliers or chandeliers. The chandelier in the bedroom not only serves as a source of lighting, but also becomes a very beautiful decorative element. Adjust the shape of the chandelier to the size of your bedroom. If the size of the room is small, you should choose a chandelier that is also small and simple. However, for rooms that are more than 4×6 square meters, you can use more complex and even complex models. The uniqueness of the chandelier model can give an elegant impression to a traditional-style bedroom.

By decorating a bedroom like the example above, you will get a beautiful, elegant and comfortable traditional style bedroom design. The atmosphere of space with the simplicity of the past in the most private room in your home.