Hello friends of Bali Interio, do you like watching movies at the cinema? But your busy and free time is not enough to go to the cinema? no more queuing when buying tickets? Actually you can try to bring a minimalist cinema atmosphere in your home with a minimalist home theater design.

Currently, the concept of home theater; home cinema; is no longer something that is luxurious and expensive, anyone can have it. With proper and proper arrangement of space, you can create a private viewing space at home.

There are several home theater designs that you can use as inspiration for a home-style cinema design. One of them is by adopting the most popular design styles; minimalist design style.

Home entertainment, designing your family’s dream family, can be realized now with a minimalist, chic and comfortable design. Especially for those of you who have limited space. This style of design really helps you when you realize your dream, having a special viewing room at home.

Selection & Layout

You don’t need a room to create a library in your house, but you can choose one side of the wall in your home, such as in the living room or dining room to create your library. Use a rack that can stick from the floor to ceiling of your home. Or you can use a decorative wall rack and fill it with your book collections. You can use white bookcases also and fill it with colored books, this combination makes the room will be looked more fresh and by arranging books based on the color will make the book arranged in a decorative ways.

For the screen in addition to using a projector, you can also use a large monitor. You can find large monitors that are widely available in electronics stores. This type of monitor is usually made for work purposes, but you can also use it as a viewing medium at home.

Use a single sofa that puts the beauty of one another or a long sofa for a capacity of three or more people. You can adjust the shape of the sofa according to your wishes and needs. The addition of a soft and thick carpet will also complement the comfort of your home cinema room.

In addition to sofas, there are also special tables and cabinets to store favorite snacks and or drinks. You can also use the cupboard as a place to store all your viewing equipment.

To make it easier for you to get to the film, position the shelf to place the dvd film section on the side or back of the room. Display and arrange them neatly, so that apart from making it easy for you to find them, these displays can also function as decorative elements of a beautiful space to look at.

Audio & Air Conditioning

To get a good audio system you have to pay attention to the air ducts so as not to affect the sound of the speakers. To produce the appropriate sound, you can consider it with the use of carpet, wood, Styrofoam and closed gluing techniques. Then set the audio visual with PMPO as low as 1,000 watts; however this rule is not binding. You can adjust to the size of the room.

Keep cool with the use of air conditioning or air conditioning. The use of air conditioning will make your viewing activities more comfortable and enjoyable. Because cinema rooms usually don’t have air ventilation, air conditioning will always keep your room cool and fresh.


Theatrical lighting design is a light in a studio that can be adjusted to focus the light. That way you and your family can be clearer and more comfortable when watching your favorite movies without worrying about lack of light.

Add some lights in the corners of the room for a dramatic effect. Combine bright light colors such as red, pink or orange with green accents. These colors will give a cheerful impression to the home theater. If you want to show a warm impression, then apply wood grain accents with a dim yellow light.

How? It’s very easy to have a house with a private cinema, if you find it difficult, look for an expert architecture to design a private cinema in your home. That is all and thank you.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, getting around the limited area of ​​​​the house is of course not easy. We need to rack our brains to find the best shape and layout needed. One of them is the limited kitchen and dining area.

In the perspective of interior design itself, size is not a problem. Any design concept is very possible to be applied in a room of any size. However, there are times when even a skilled designer can be very helpful in balancing function and aesthetics.

Now, regarding the kitchen and dining room, this communal area is important because both must be able to facilitate every activity and activity that can accommodate the needs of all residents.

The question then is, can a small event room be designed that way?

The answer is of course you can.

Integrated kitchen and dining area. These two areas cannot be separated from each other. at least in general. So that without a kitchen and dining room it becomes commonplace, and the best trick is how to get two room functions in one area. It is widely used in modern small houses nowadays. The design of a narrow kitchen and dining room is very dependent on how the layout and arrangement of furniture. This decoration work is the main consideration. However, this layout is also not easy, not everyone can afford it. Even great interior stylists can experience dilemmas and difficulties. Don’t worry, let alone be pessimistic. Although the area of ​​​​the house is not too large or ideal, there is still much that can be done to get a narrow kitchen and dining room design that can still be comfortable and visually attractive at the same time. Check out some important things when arranging the following narrow kitchen and dining room; This can give you some inspiration for how this communal space should look, even if it’s not too big or bulky.


First, you should consider about this quote; “There is no small space, only chairs with chairs or furniture that are too big.”

For the kitchen and dining room area, the presence of a dining table for example, if you don’t use the right and right choices and models, can be very disturbing, especially in a room that is quite narrow. So, choose a dining table, especially the size, and adjust it to your needs.

Use a round dining table. This is a dining table design model that is flexible and can fit in a room that is not too wide.


After deciding on the furniture model for your narrow kitchen and dining area, now decide on the color choice of the cat’s interior.

This is very important, since color has a magical effect in interior layouts.

Always try to play with neutral tones.

Use neutral colors like white, gray or gray, or pastel colors, or something else. It can be perfect as the main color scheme for a small house or small room.

Neutral colors, especially, have the ability of a room that is not too large to appear more spacious and airy.


This is the most important.

Although the kitchen and dining room should ideally have a separate area, but because the area is not supportive, it doesn’t mean you can’t have both at once in one room.

It is very important to think “out of the box”.

One small area designed using a minimalist concept, many things can be done there. Including having two room functions in one area.

minimalistic, can be interpreted; is a stripped down design concept, removing unnecessary parts, leaving only the essential elements.

This includes when designing a narrow kitchen and dining area.

Get rid of the things you don’t need there. Arrange and arrange only a few important elements in the narrow kitchen and dining room in your home.

The design of a narrow kitchen and dining room with the application of a minimalist style is enough to facilitate and accommodate everything you and your family order.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, each kitchen must have a kitchen set that is useful as a storage area. Its position on the wall will make it easier for you to pick up and place various cooking utensils. For a large kitchen, choosing a kitchen set is easy because you don’t have to worry about size. You just need to choose your favorite kitchen set design. However, it is different with a minimalist kitchen set for a small kitchen.

Determining a minimalist kitchen set design for a small kitchen is quite difficult, for those of you who are still confused about choosing a minimalist kitchen set design for a small kitchen, don’t be discouraged, Bali Interio will share kitchen set ideas that can beautify your home!


The first minimalist kitchen set idea for a small kitchen that Bali Interio will share is an open shelf kitchen set. An open wall shelf is placed at the top of the kitchen. Because of the open shape, even a small kitchen space will look more spacious.

Open shelves can be used to place tableware, cooking spices, and cooking utensils such as a pressure cooker. This minimalist kitchen set idea for a small kitchen is suitable for a U-shaped kitchen.


The idea of ​​a minimalist kitchen set for the next small kitchen is a kitchen set that uses a five-door cupboard. The door is made in a very minimalist style, white in color and without a handle. Without a handle here means the closet door is not visible.

Usually, there is an indentation on the bottom or side that you can use as a grip. The use of a minimalist kitchen set for this small kitchen will create a neat mini kitchen set appearance.


Cooking in a small kitchen causes limited space for movement as well. The way to get around this is to use a minimalist kitchen set with a kitchen cabinet model opening up. At the time of installation later, make sure there is a distance between the kitchen set cabinet and the kitchen ceiling.


In the previous point, we have discussed the idea of ​​​​a minimalist kitchen set for a small kitchen with an upward opening model to try to confront. What if the kitchen ceiling is low and it is impossible to use a kitchen set with an upward opening? The solution is to use a kitchen set with a sliding door model.

This kitchen set with a sliding door model usually uses glass or clear plastic so that it looks cleaner and you can find cooking utensils easily.

If you have a minimalist kitchen set with a sliding door model like this, be diligent in cleaning the door rail with cloth or kitchen textiles and apply lubricant if necessary so that the door can be shifted easily.


In general, the kitchen set meets the upper and lower areas of the kitchen. Even though it is not necessarily a kitchen set model that is suitable for your small kitchen. Try to throw that perception away and look for a minimalist kitchen set for a small kitchen that is also small.

For example, choosing a modular kitchen model or choosing multifunctional furniture such as this one kitchen wall shelf. The size does not meet the entire wall so that the kitchen looks more spacious. The top of this minimalist kitchen set for a small kitchen can also be used to place kitchen decorations.

After getting the idea of ​​​​a minimalist kitchen set for a small kitchen earlier, I hope you are not confused or even buy the wrong kitchen set, huh!


Hello friends of Bali Interio, minimalist style is widely used by residential owners as one of the best interior concepts and ideas. Minimalist interior design which also requires the use of models and types of minimalist furniture or furniture, offers a simple appearance of space, but can still look elegant and stylish. In architecture, minimalism is a design idea based on things that are more essential and functional, with geometric shapes as its trademark.

While in furniture, minimalism is a simple concept and not big in size. Minimalist furniture and prioritizes function and comfort in every design.

One of the furniture models that are often needed is a television table. This is a table that usually complements the living room or even the bedroom. The tv table is not only a storage medium or television placement, it can also have many versatile storage shelves that can help small spaces in the house look more neat and well organized.



Make sure the room where you will place the television will not make the room feel full and crowded. Measure the room first, then make a plan of what items will be placed. You have to make sure there is still area left so it doesn’t make the room seem cramped.


Make sure the room where you will put the television does not make the room feel full and cramped. Measure the room first, then make a plan of what items will be placed. You have to make sure there is still land left so as not to make the room seem cramped.


As discussed earlier, you must adjust the shape of the table to the television that you will use. You can choose a shelf that only functions as a TV stand or an elongated model that blends into the wall.


In order for the television area to look even sweeter, you can also bring decorations and complementary accessories. For an empty wall shelf, you can complete it with additional vases and flowers, lamps or books. But don’t put too many decorations, just show enough. Excessive use of accessories will make the room not look minimalist; looks full and messy.


The next minimalist television table is the type of display rack. With this type of table the size of the shelf will be higher than other types. It looks plaid and covered with glass on the box, and can display many ornaments on the shelves.


The box shape is the most widely found and used tv table. A minimalist box-shaped tv table usually has many shelves consisting of several drawers. The drawers are generally in 2 rows and the shelf for the television is in the middle in an open state. To use this type of tv rack, place tvs of various sizes and additional components such as a dvd player or other console on the available shelves.



The size of the table that is slightly high makes this minimalist tv table plus a bookshelf have additional functions. You can put a television plus books or framed photos arranged in such a way. Careful and precise arrangement, can make the atmosphere of the room look more beautiful and attractive.


Minimalist Bedroom is suitable for you who have minimalist house, with the simple design but still look modern and also comfortable.

Bedroom is one of the most private place at your home, there are many things that you should consider to make your bedroom fell comfortable and enjoyable. Because after fully job and daily activity, the perfect place to rest is in the bedroom and sometimes there are some people who like to continue doing their job at home. The alternative choice for minimalist house is Minimalist Bedroom. This is evident with the various design provided by this minimalist-style bed, you can customize it according to your needs and desires anytime.

Rigid and boring impression may be possible if you have a conventional bed, but with this bed , you will be far from the boring rigid impression. This bedroom also suitable for the new family because you don’t need a wide room to put your furniture. With a special design, you can even turn your bed into a chair by turning it over. This way can make you get 2 functions at once without having to bother. And also if we have a minismalist furniture’s design, it will not being too complicated to clean it.

Like the other rooms, if you want to arrange your bedroom, you must choose the good furniture. When you buy or make some furnitures for your bedroom, you should be consider aesthetic and comfort factors. The furniture should be attractive because the furniture can build a comfortable impression. Bedroom set usually consist of Bed, Dresser, Cupboard and Sofa Chair;


Bed becomes one of the thing that should be in your bedroom, therefore you must choose the bed with quite size, it means you will have a quite space to move while you are sleeping.


For women, the role of the dressing table very important to dress up. With dressing table in your room, your dressing up will be easier. Not only that, the dressing table also can be used for writing table or desk that make your work easier.


Cupboard is the thing that we need for our daily activity. Because every day we must to maintain our thing in the cupboard, such us : clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Most of people want to have a big clothes cupboard, but in the fact there is no space for the cupboard or there is no cloth that we can put into the cupboard.


If you have a room design with adequate area, and then you can also put a sofa seat in your room that has function to relax while watching television. This chair also can be used for sleeping when you are not in the activity or when you feel tired.

If you buy the Furniture for Minimalist Bedroom, preferably choose with the best design and material. Find the best material and make the plan or design about how the shape of the furniture.