The Importance of Interior Completeness in Creating Comfort and Balance in Your Home

Home is the place where we spend most of our time. Therefore, it is crucial to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere inside our homes so that we can feel content and relaxed. One essential factor in establishing such an ambiance is interior completeness. This article will discuss why interior completeness plays a significant role in influencing the atmosphere and comfort within our homes.

Reflecting Identity and Personal Style:

Interior completeness of a home reflects the owner’s identity and lifestyle. Choosing furniture, decorations, and accessories that align with one’s personality and aesthetic preferences helps create a unique and personal space. When surrounded by decor that reflects who we are, we feel more connected to our homes and genuinely feel like we belong.

Enhancing Balance and Creativity:

A well-arranged interior can create both visual and functional balance in a room. Thoughtful organization provides proper flow between spaces, making it easier to move around and engage in everyday activities. Moreover, an inspiring and attractive interior can boost creativity and make us feel more inspired in our daily lives.

Improving Space Functionality and Efficiency:

Selecting the right furnishings and smart space planning can enhance the efficiency of the rooms in our homes. When furniture and decor are well-organized, we can maximize the use of limited space and create better storage solutions. A tidy and well-arranged home provides an environment that is easier to maintain and keep clean, thereby increasing overall comfort and functionality.

furnitureInfluence on Mood and Emotional Well-being:

Interior completeness has a significant impact on our mood and emotional well-being. Thoughtfully chosen colors, textures, and lighting can create a warm, peaceful, or even joyful atmosphere. Comfortable and ergonomic furniture also provides essential physical comfort that contributes to our overall well-being.

Increasing Property Value:

A well-designed home with attractive interior completeness can also increase the property’s value. Should you decide to sell your home in the future, appealing and high-quality interior design will be a significant draw for potential buyers and can boost the resale value of your home.


In creating a comfortable, pleasant, and well-functioning home, interior completeness plays a crucial role. From aesthetic aspects to space efficiency, thoughtfully chosen interior elements can enhance our quality of life and have a positive impact on our emotional well-being. Therefore, investing in good interior completeness is a wise decision in creating a home that we truly love and take pride in.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, this time we will provide tips and tricks to tidy up your desk at home or at the office. There are a few TIPS AND TRICKS TO tidy up your work desk that you can follow below

Determine your table layout

The first thing to do is to design what items are on the table. Pay attention to job requirements. If you need a computer, arrange the placement of the computer as comfortable as possible. Items that are used frequently are placed in an easily accessible place, while items that are not used frequently are placed elsewhere.

Archive documents

Make sure the documents on the table are neatly arranged. Use a holder or other document holder to accommodate these documents. If it is not enough, look for another document shelter. Divide documents based on predefined classifications. This will make it easier for you to find documents if you need them at any time. In this case, you also have to select documents that are actually worked on and those that are not. Don’t let the documents on your desk pile up and get mixed up.

Provide a place for office knick-knacks

Do you have sticky notes, paper clips, binder clips, pencils, pens that you usually use for work? Put these items in a special place. You can place a pencil holder to put stationery and/or jars. Even though these items look small, if they are not arranged, they will make your desk look messy.

Arrange the cables around the table

You will be disturbed if you see computer, telephone, and LAN cables tangled unkemptly around. Untidy cable ties can limit activity and make it unsightly.

Prepare snacks on the table

Jika Anda membutuhkan camilan untuk teman bekerja, jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menyiapkannya di atas meja. Camilan kecil bisa membantu fokus dan menunda lapar. Ketika Anda menaruh camilan di meja, jangan lupa sediakan juga tisu.


Hello friends of Bali Interio,

working at home is a strange thing. Various professions such as designers, bloggers, writers, writers, and so on, of course, a lot of time at home. Not only the owner of the profession, factory employees, teachers, and office workers also do not rule out the possibility that they will need a workspace to make their work more active. Therefore, workers need to create a private workspace to work at home.

There are various advantages of having a private workspace at home, namely being able to maximize quality time with family, work in a relaxed manner, and also avoid working overtime in the office. A private workspace can also be called a study room for children and teenagers because it has the same function. For this reason, the workspace must be designed according to the atmosphere you want.


Use some calculations for the workspace at home, why? because you can combine the workspace with other rooms in the house such as bedrooms, living room areas and libraries. You can take advantage of certain room spaces to create a minimalist workspace. Like if you have an empty room you can use it as your personal workspace.


Design your personal workspace according to your theme or favorite with work. You can also put some wallpapers or by adding photo frames.

strong material

Use strong and quality materials for your wardrobe. You probably don’t intend to quickly replace it in two years because it’s not standing up straight anymore .


Use mandatory furniture in your workspace such as tables and chairs. choose furniture that fits so you can be comfortable using it even for hours. Adjust the size, color and furniture model with the workspace theme to make it look harmonious. You can also add a sofa or some chairs for your co-workers who come to your house or to relax


Complete your personal workspace with whatever equipment you want for work such as a computer or laptop, files, some books for your work. Make sure everything is available and neatly arranged.

Perfect illumination

This is very important for your personal workspace, because good lighting is able to regulate the atmosphere of your workspace, if working with electronic items such as computers or laptops will certainly be affected by radiation, so use the right lighting when working with computers or laptops. Make sure the light coming in through the window doesn’t block your view of the monitor.


Think of an easily accessible position for some needed items such as files, stationery or other necessities. If you still don’t understand how to design your workspace. You can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can find references about the right design for your dream workspace.

These are some of the tips for designing your personal workspace, hopefully you will get a workspace according to your wishes and comfort.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, do you like watching movies at the cinema? But your busy and free time is not enough to go to the cinema? no more queuing when buying tickets? Actually you can try to bring a minimalist cinema atmosphere in your home with a minimalist home theater design.

Currently, the concept of home theater; home cinema; is no longer something that is luxurious and expensive, anyone can have it. With proper and proper arrangement of space, you can create a private viewing space at home.

There are several home theater designs that you can use as inspiration for a home-style cinema design. One of them is by adopting the most popular design styles; minimalist design style.

Home entertainment, designing your family’s dream family, can be realized now with a minimalist, chic and comfortable design. Especially for those of you who have limited space. This style of design really helps you when you realize your dream, having a special viewing room at home.

Selection & Layout

You don’t need a room to create a library in your house, but you can choose one side of the wall in your home, such as in the living room or dining room to create your library. Use a rack that can stick from the floor to ceiling of your home. Or you can use a decorative wall rack and fill it with your book collections. You can use white bookcases also and fill it with colored books, this combination makes the room will be looked more fresh and by arranging books based on the color will make the book arranged in a decorative ways.

For the screen in addition to using a projector, you can also use a large monitor. You can find large monitors that are widely available in electronics stores. This type of monitor is usually made for work purposes, but you can also use it as a viewing medium at home.

Use a single sofa that puts the beauty of one another or a long sofa for a capacity of three or more people. You can adjust the shape of the sofa according to your wishes and needs. The addition of a soft and thick carpet will also complement the comfort of your home cinema room.

In addition to sofas, there are also special tables and cabinets to store favorite snacks and or drinks. You can also use the cupboard as a place to store all your viewing equipment.

To make it easier for you to get to the film, position the shelf to place the dvd film section on the side or back of the room. Display and arrange them neatly, so that apart from making it easy for you to find them, these displays can also function as decorative elements of a beautiful space to look at.

Audio & Air Conditioning

To get a good audio system you have to pay attention to the air ducts so as not to affect the sound of the speakers. To produce the appropriate sound, you can consider it with the use of carpet, wood, Styrofoam and closed gluing techniques. Then set the audio visual with PMPO as low as 1,000 watts; however this rule is not binding. You can adjust to the size of the room.

Keep cool with the use of air conditioning or air conditioning. The use of air conditioning will make your viewing activities more comfortable and enjoyable. Because cinema rooms usually don’t have air ventilation, air conditioning will always keep your room cool and fresh.


Theatrical lighting design is a light in a studio that can be adjusted to focus the light. That way you and your family can be clearer and more comfortable when watching your favorite movies without worrying about lack of light.

Add some lights in the corners of the room for a dramatic effect. Combine bright light colors such as red, pink or orange with green accents. These colors will give a cheerful impression to the home theater. If you want to show a warm impression, then apply wood grain accents with a dim yellow light.

How? It’s very easy to have a house with a private cinema, if you find it difficult, look for an expert architecture to design a private cinema in your home. That is all and thank you.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, one of the important things that everyone pays attention to when working is how comfortable the workspace is. Because with a comfortable, clean, and tidy workspace atmosphere, the mood when doing something will certainly improve.

Well, one of the important elements that can create comfort in the workspace is a work desk.

The desk is an important facility. All things related to what you will or are currently working on of course are on the table. This furniture should be able to make it easier to find each file, or equipment that you ordered much more quickly. And like that, it will provide the best support for productivity and concentration while working.

The problem is, choosing a work desk can’t be done just anything. There are many factors that you should pay attention to. Starting from the size, model, type of material, to what are the best features that the table brings.

These things can have an impact on the level of comfort. flexibility and accessibility are key considerations.

Some workbench models have their own advantages, from design, model, size, and shape. But if you are someone who really likes a minimalist lifestyle, who takes advantage of simplicity to create a productive workspace that is completely free from distractions, here are some of the best minimalist desk models that you can consider.


Wall mounted workbench design. Models without making the bottom of the table look neater and cleaner.

Minimalist work desk design with a clean and simple appearance and aesthetics.


The green color is very appropriate as an accent color for the workplace. Combined with the black color on the chair, it will give birth to the atmosphere and feel of the workspace that is guaranteed to be very pleasant.


Dual workspace is one of the best. With its minimalist workbench design, it can incorporate a multitude of very neat looking storage solutions to encourage better work practices.


The key to getting a clean and spacious office space is to place a modern desk in the middle of the room.

Minimalist work desk design made of white wood, works very well in an all-white room. The white Eames shell chair also adds simplicity and a very modern simple look.


The design of this workbench is deliberately designed to meet the needs of 2 users at once in just one desk.

It doesn’t take much space to place this workbench.

“One table can do the work of two people.” About the tagline of the design of a work desk with a simple and minimal appearance.

Well, that’s 5 choices of the best minimalist work desk models for your office or workspace. Which model do you like?


Hello friends of Bali Interio, minimalist style is widely used by residential owners as one of the best interior concepts and ideas. Minimalist interior design which also requires the use of models and types of minimalist furniture or furniture, offers a simple appearance of space, but can still look elegant and stylish. In architecture, minimalism is a design idea based on things that are more essential and functional, with geometric shapes as its trademark.

While in furniture, minimalism is a simple concept and not big in size. Minimalist furniture and prioritizes function and comfort in every design.

One of the furniture models that are often needed is a television table. This is a table that usually complements the living room or even the bedroom. The tv table is not only a storage medium or television placement, it can also have many versatile storage shelves that can help small spaces in the house look more neat and well organized.



Make sure the room where you will place the television will not make the room feel full and crowded. Measure the room first, then make a plan of what items will be placed. You have to make sure there is still area left so it doesn’t make the room seem cramped.


Make sure the room where you will put the television does not make the room feel full and cramped. Measure the room first, then make a plan of what items will be placed. You have to make sure there is still land left so as not to make the room seem cramped.


As discussed earlier, you must adjust the shape of the table to the television that you will use. You can choose a shelf that only functions as a TV stand or an elongated model that blends into the wall.


In order for the television area to look even sweeter, you can also bring decorations and complementary accessories. For an empty wall shelf, you can complete it with additional vases and flowers, lamps or books. But don’t put too many decorations, just show enough. Excessive use of accessories will make the room not look minimalist; looks full and messy.


The next minimalist television table is the type of display rack. With this type of table the size of the shelf will be higher than other types. It looks plaid and covered with glass on the box, and can display many ornaments on the shelves.


The box shape is the most widely found and used tv table. A minimalist box-shaped tv table usually has many shelves consisting of several drawers. The drawers are generally in 2 rows and the shelf for the television is in the middle in an open state. To use this type of tv rack, place tvs of various sizes and additional components such as a dvd player or other console on the available shelves.



The size of the table that is slightly high makes this minimalist tv table plus a bookshelf have additional functions. You can put a television plus books or framed photos arranged in such a way. Careful and precise arrangement, can make the atmosphere of the room look more beautiful and attractive.


Some of book lovers have so many books collection, but some of them have a problem to store their books. Are you one of those who like to read and buy books until your books collection gets more and more piles up, but you have no free space to store all of your collections? In this case how about creating your own library by taking advantage of the empty space in your house?


You don’t need a room to create a library in your house, but you can choose one side of the wall in your home, such as in the living room or dining room to create your library. Use a rack that can stick from the floor to ceiling of your home. Or you can use a decorative wall rack and fill it with your book collections. You can use white bookcases also and fill it with colored books, this combination makes the room will be looked more fresh and by arranging books based on the color will make the book arranged in a decorative ways.


You shouldn’t waste the space under your staircase. You can build open shelves or cabinet under the stairs to place your books. You can also create an interesting visual in your library by designing your bookcases and build a small reading corner under the stairs.


Hallway are usually spaces that people are not fond of. They are long and narrow and there’s not much you can do to make them functional. But you can use the hallway by putting a bookcase on the sides of the wall . If possible, use a high rack that can cover the entire wall. But if limited, use a rack that is half the height of the wall’s height. Give a light color so the house hallway does not look narrow.


If your bathroom is spacious enough, then you could have a wall unit with shelves and storage compartments and one or two of those spaces could be where you store some of your books.


You can also take an advantage of the empty space under your bed by putting a small racks to place your books collection.

- Tips for building a comfortable library in your home -

The library is a place used for hours, both for reading books and studying, etc,. Make sure your home library has quality lighting, so reading activity will not damage the eyes. To add dramatic effects, add a small lamp on the top of the shelf that can highlight the books.

Put a seat like a sofa with a cushion or a chair that is soft enough to sit for long time. In order for the presence of the chair does not blur the eyes with the number of books, use a chair with solid color and neutral.

The strategy of arranging a book based on color has a potential to avoid too many irregular items as well as to make the order of the books arranged in a decorative way.


Hello Bali Interio friends, want to take advantage of the remaining space at home with a small office space design? Why not? Because a small space doesn’t mean uncomfortable, you can use the rest of the space at home to become a comfortable workspace. Parts that are almost neglected such as under the stairs so that the remaining space in the bedroom can also be transformed into a place to work.

To create a comfortable workspace, you must pay attention to air circulation, lighting and a neat furniture layout. So that not only feels comfortable, the room is healthy and ideal as an office. Then what kind of minimalist office design do you need to make?


The rest of the space in the room as a workspace is the right idea for those of you who like to work at night. This makes it easier for you to go directly to the workspace when you suddenly work. At the same time, you can rest easily because it is not far from the bed.



Even in a small room, make sure you feel comfortable while working. The view outside the house will reduce fatigue and while you are working. Glass windows in the office will keep the atmosphere of the room fresh, ready to provide inspiration and enthusiasm for work.



The space under your stairs is not being used? Instead of leaving it alone, you can use the space to make it more functional. Make the room under the stairs into a minimalist office space. Create the desired design, avoid items and furniture that are not so important.