Hello friends of Bali Interio, cleanliness of the bathroom must maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, as the slogan of cleanliness is part of some faith. This is so that your bathroom is protected from viruses and bacteria that often breed in dirty areas.

Diligently Draining the Tub & Brushing the Bathroom

Draining tubs and showers is one way to clean the bathroom. By draining the tub and bathroom such as walls, floors, because it can reduce the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom. You can also give ABATE as a deterrent to the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom.

Room Freshener Plants

Green plants can be placed in the bathroom, usually can be placed in the bath or can also be hung on the bathroom door. This will also provide a fresh atmosphere because the green plants will produce oxygen and clean the air.

Give Room Deodorizer

In addition to plants, you can also provide room deodorizer or aromatherapy which is widely sold in shops. Air freshener will make the air cleaner and fresher. In addition, unpleasant odors in the bathroom can also disappear quickly.

Interest of Unused Items

Items such as soap or shampoo bottles that have run out, used tissues and other used items. All of these items will reduce the cleanliness of the bathroom and make the room dirty so that germs and bacteria will quickly multiply.

Make Air Circulation

Creating air circulation in the bathroom is important. at least make one or two windows, so that air is free to enter and exit.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the sink is one of the main needs in the house or residence, because the sink is very helpful for activities both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Now we will give easy tips to remove stains on the sink.

step one

Keep all things or objects from the sink.

step two

Fill the sink with hot water so that the stains on the sink are easy to clean. Don’t forget to close the drain on the water.

step three

The next step is to brush the sink, mothers can pour detergent into the sink and scrub the entire sink.

step four

Clean the drain hole if the air vent in the sink is clogged, fill it with air and add two tablespoons of caustic soda. After about half an hour, the dirt in the drain will dissolve on its own. Don’t forget to rinse the sink with clean water so that there are no caustic soda stains left.

last step

Finally, wipe dry on the sink that has been cleaned and you can also rub toothpaste into the ceramic sink to keep it shiny. But it would be even better if this scrubbing was done when the sink was new and was about to be installed.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bathroom is one of the rooms that must get the best decoration touches to make it look fresher. mistakes in decorating this part of the house, will lead to extra regrets.

First, the bathroom must always be clean. But that’s all, incorporating certain interior design elements and nuances into the bathroom will have a significant impact on the overall interior of the house.

Many do not realize the importance of interior decoration in the bathroom. Once again, it’s not enough just to maintain cleanliness, but including color, for example, will make your bathroom as comfortable and attractive as the rest of the house.

Here are some of the best ways to decorate a bathroom by incorporating color elements that will make it look attractive and fresh.


Many choose to decorate the bathroom by giving only a touch of neutral color to the parts. In fact, if you pay attention, including elements of bright colors such as orange or even yellow, will make the bathroom look different and look more fresh.


The bathroom floor is an important part that must get a color feel. Whether it’s in the form of a bathroom rug or even completely painting the floor. By doing this, the stiff shades of neutral colors will be handled well, making your bathroom look more fresh.


Many do not consider it important to decorate the walls of the bathroom. However, try hanging something there, such as a painting or something that contains artistic elements such as a painting, your bathroom will become something else that is usually the case.


Green has a certain magical power that will make the atmosphere of the room look more natural. Giving a dominant green color to the bathroom will make this room fresh and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Plants, flower pots or vases, and green walls in the bathroom, a natural atmosphere that is really refreshing.

That’s how to decorate a bathroom to make it look fresher, I hope this article is useful, Thank you.