Hello friends of Bali Interio, if you need additional space or bedrooms but the space in the house no longer exists, it’s time to take a look at your attic. The attic roof is triangular in shape and is considered to have an unattractive shape, making the attic area often only used as a warehouse or storage area for goods. Well this time we will discuss tips for designing attic rooms.

Roof Height & Ventilation

The first thing to consider when designing an attic room is the height of the roof of the house. Make sure the ceiling height on the attic roof has a slope limit of up to 50 percent. This is the standard size when you are in the attic standing. In addition, a room in the attic has hot air because it is at the top of the house. Therefore, the attic or mezzanine will also feel stuffy and stuffy. To work around this, install roof tiles made of aluminum foil that can reflect back radiation from the sun. The use of tile with aluminum foil will make the room temperature feel cooler even on a hot day. To maintain the coolness and health of the occupants of the attic room, you can also add a roof turbine ventilator.

Strong Structure & Foundation

Also pay attention to the structure of the material used. choose a strong material for the attic and the floor. If the attic is sturdy and strong you don’t have to worry about putting the chairs in the attic. Stairs to the attic are also expected to use materials and have a form that is not harmful. To facilitate the work of the handyman, you can prepare a drawing of the specifications for the size of the material prepared for interior and architectural design services. Therefore, you should use their services for the manufacture of mezzanines. The designers will help you design your dream bedroom in the attic that is both comfortable and budget-effective.

Decoration & Design

Because the top of the house has hot air, to make an attic room, you must have a good ventilation system. at least you have to make one window in the attic room. Aside from being an air vent, windows also function as a source of natural lighting.

Bed Design

If the height of the mezzanine ceiling is not too high and the size of the attic room is not too large, then trick the bed without the use of a bed, and use a carpet as a bed base. But if you still want to use the bed, choose one that is not too high like a low Japanese-style bed. This is done to make your room feel more spacious and make the ceiling of the room feel higher too.


Because the position of the attic space is above, it is quite difficult to use large furniture. Besides being difficult to carry upstairs, the use of large furniture will also make your room feel cramped. Especially if your attic space is small. Choose simple furniture that is small and easy to move. So when you are bored and want to rearrange or rearrange the room, you can easily do it.

That is the concept of utilizing the attic area by designing a mezzanine. Unique loft room design in an area that forgotten. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to design the attic in your home, That is all and thank you.