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We from the Bali Interio website developer collect some information that will be used later to further improve the services provided on the website such as, contact information, namely name, phone number, address and other basic information, comments, feedback, or other content that visitors provide, The recorded communication method between the Visitor of the website and Customer Service, Search History made by the visitor, Location of the Device, when the Visitor accesses the website www.baliinterio.co.id.

There are several ways that we do to get information, namely from the Website itself, through massage forms, customer support and other features on the www.baliinterio.co.id website. , from Third Parties through public databases, social media networks and others, from Log File Servers via IP addresses to identify the time and pages visited on the Bali Interio website.

The information we have collected is used for several things in the development of the www.baliinterio.co.id website, namely:

  • Updating service or convenience information when accessing the website to users.
  • For the purposes of communication, processing offers or services from Bali Interio.
  • Sending catalogs, promotions, email marketing, newsletters, and other digital marketing processes.
  • Disclosing information to the government or other parties. Mainly, for matters relating to applicable law.
  • So that visitors can use the service website.
  • For evaluation, development, data analysis, problem solving, surveys, and website service improvement.
  • Provide content or advertising recommendations that are more in line with user needs.

The data that has been collected will be strictly limited and layered system access, with the use of strong encryption and passwords, is limited to all information collected.

  • Advertisement. All user data used to measure and deliver relevant advertisements according to the interests and geographic location of the user.
  • Google AdSense. Visitor data is recorded to view Google AdSense analysis and strategy.
  • Changes or Policies. Bali Interio as the website www.baliinterio.co.id has the right to manage the privacy policy at any time according to conditions and needs.

If you have an account on this site, or have left comments, you can request to obtain personal data in an export file from us, including the data you provide to us. You can also ask us to delete personal data about you in accordance with the 1945 Constitution, Article 28 G which reads: “Everyone has the right to protect his personal, family, honor, dignity and property under his control, and has the right to for a sense of security and protection from the threat of fear to do or not do something which is a human right”. This does not include data that we must retain for administrative, legal or security purposes.