Hello friends of Bali Interio, having a beautiful kitchen room will certainly give a look of enthusiasm when doing activities in it. Especially for those of you who like to cook, the appearance of a beautiful and comfortable kitchen will be one of the factors supporting this hobby.

Maybe there are those who feel unfamiliar with the term backsplash. Backsplash is a wall area in the kitchen, generally the wall near the sink or stove.

Besides being able to be designed in such a way to get a unique look, the backsplash is also often coated with additional materials. This is done to protect the walls from splashes of water, oil and other stains that may occur when cooking. By designing a backsplash, you protect the walls from dirt as well as become part of the kitchen interior decoration.

Interested in designing a backsplash to make it look unique, as part of a decorative element in your kitchen space? You can try some of the following tips to make the kitchen look more special.

Wood never fails to give a beautiful appearance as one of the interior designs that is not wrong. You can use the wood element as a unique backsplash decorative element that will provide resistance in protecting the wall.

For materials, you don’t actually need to use wood as a wall protector. You can use vinyl. How to apply it is also fairly easy, just coat the wall with a patterned cloth or favorite color, then cover it with vinyl.


As another alternative for a kitchen interior backsplash, you can try using patterned paper. The use of patterned paper is a solution for those of you who have a limited budget. a choice of paper that is of good quality and has an attractive design or motif that is preferred.


For a unique kitchen look, you can use a black chalkboard as your dream modern kitchen interior. Apart from protecting the walls from oil, water and other stains, you can also write on a blackboard.

You can write on the chalkboard with chalk to write recipes, quotes about cooking, or even funny, inspiring pictures.


Tile is not only used as an interior floor, because you can also use tiles as a backsplash material. For a beautiful appearance, you can choose tiles that have a variety of interesting motifs. Besides being able to choose the motif you like, you can also choose the type and size of tiles that can be adjusted to your needs.

There are many other interesting ideas and ideas for designing a backsplash to have an unusual look and feel more special.