Some of book lovers have so many books collection, but some of them have a problem to store their books. Are you one of those who like to read and buy books until your books collection gets more and more piles up, but you have no free space to store all of your collections? In this case how about creating your own library by taking advantage of the empty space in your house?


You don’t need a room to create a library in your house, but you can choose one side of the wall in your home, such as in the living room or dining room to create your library. Use a rack that can stick from the floor to ceiling of your home. Or you can use a decorative wall rack and fill it with your book collections. You can use white bookcases also and fill it with colored books, this combination makes the room will be looked more fresh and by arranging books based on the color will make the book arranged in a decorative ways.


You shouldn’t waste the space under your staircase. You can build open shelves or cabinet under the stairs to place your books. You can also create an interesting visual in your library by designing your bookcases and build a small reading corner under the stairs.


Hallway are usually spaces that people are not fond of. They are long and narrow and there’s not much you can do to make them functional. But you can use the hallway by putting a bookcase on the sides of the wall . If possible, use a high rack that can cover the entire wall. But if limited, use a rack that is half the height of the wall’s height. Give a light color so the house hallway does not look narrow.


If your bathroom is spacious enough, then you could have a wall unit with shelves and storage compartments and one or two of those spaces could be where you store some of your books.


You can also take an advantage of the empty space under your bed by putting a small racks to place your books collection.

- Tips for building a comfortable library in your home -

The library is a place used for hours, both for reading books and studying, etc,. Make sure your home library has quality lighting, so reading activity will not damage the eyes. To add dramatic effects, add a small lamp on the top of the shelf that can highlight the books.

Put a seat like a sofa with a cushion or a chair that is soft enough to sit for long time. In order for the presence of the chair does not blur the eyes with the number of books, use a chair with solid color and neutral.

The strategy of arranging a book based on color has a potential to avoid too many irregular items as well as to make the order of the books arranged in a decorative way.