Hello friends of Bali Interio, do you like watching movies at the cinema? But your busy and free time is not enough to go to the cinema? no more queuing when buying tickets? Actually you can try to bring a minimalist cinema atmosphere in your home with a minimalist home theater design.

Currently, the concept of home theater; home cinema; is no longer something that is luxurious and expensive, anyone can have it. With proper and proper arrangement of space, you can create a private viewing space at home.

There are several home theater designs that you can use as inspiration for a home-style cinema design. One of them is by adopting the most popular design styles; minimalist design style.

Home entertainment, designing your family’s dream family, can be realized now with a minimalist, chic and comfortable design. Especially for those of you who have limited space. This style of design really helps you when you realize your dream, having a special viewing room at home.

Selection & Layout

You don’t need a room to create a library in your house, but you can choose one side of the wall in your home, such as in the living room or dining room to create your library. Use a rack that can stick from the floor to ceiling of your home. Or you can use a decorative wall rack and fill it with your book collections. You can use white bookcases also and fill it with colored books, this combination makes the room will be looked more fresh and by arranging books based on the color will make the book arranged in a decorative ways.

For the screen in addition to using a projector, you can also use a large monitor. You can find large monitors that are widely available in electronics stores. This type of monitor is usually made for work purposes, but you can also use it as a viewing medium at home.

Use a single sofa that puts the beauty of one another or a long sofa for a capacity of three or more people. You can adjust the shape of the sofa according to your wishes and needs. The addition of a soft and thick carpet will also complement the comfort of your home cinema room.

In addition to sofas, there are also special tables and cabinets to store favorite snacks and or drinks. You can also use the cupboard as a place to store all your viewing equipment.

To make it easier for you to get to the film, position the shelf to place the dvd film section on the side or back of the room. Display and arrange them neatly, so that apart from making it easy for you to find them, these displays can also function as decorative elements of a beautiful space to look at.

Audio & Air Conditioning

To get a good audio system you have to pay attention to the air ducts so as not to affect the sound of the speakers. To produce the appropriate sound, you can consider it with the use of carpet, wood, Styrofoam and closed gluing techniques. Then set the audio visual with PMPO as low as 1,000 watts; however this rule is not binding. You can adjust to the size of the room.

Keep cool with the use of air conditioning or air conditioning. The use of air conditioning will make your viewing activities more comfortable and enjoyable. Because cinema rooms usually don’t have air ventilation, air conditioning will always keep your room cool and fresh.


Theatrical lighting design is a light in a studio that can be adjusted to focus the light. That way you and your family can be clearer and more comfortable when watching your favorite movies without worrying about lack of light.

Add some lights in the corners of the room for a dramatic effect. Combine bright light colors such as red, pink or orange with green accents. These colors will give a cheerful impression to the home theater. If you want to show a warm impression, then apply wood grain accents with a dim yellow light.

How? It’s very easy to have a house with a private cinema, if you find it difficult, look for an expert architecture to design a private cinema in your home. That is all and thank you.