Hello friends of Bali Interio, mattress is soft, comfortable, and restful. Actually it does not have to be luxurious, because what is sought is a sense of comfort and sleep tight for our rest.

The first minimalist mattress is simple design, normal and simple. Because the physical does not have a significant difference with the mattresses of other models. But in terms of size, of course, the simple design must be smaller.

The second minimalist mattress, the model is short, it means the height measure is short. The legs of the bed are designed shorter than the usual size. The main purpose is to give the impression of a more spacious, while the position is in your minimalist bedroom. Short minimalist bed is very useful for those who often fall out of bed when he is asleep.

The third mattress minimalist is round model, which is one of the minimalist model round bed concept. Almost still exactly the same with the concept of round table selection, for the arrangement in the living room or dining room. A very round shape, of course, will be more important in saving the room than the square shape.

Number four is mattress level model, is the minimalist bed model that we recommend the most for you. In addition to saving a room, also bed level model can provide a place for two people at once. That is the reason why model beds are often used in bedrooms for children. Bed level can also be modified, the way is by placing the study area at the bottom and with the bed above it. So, you no longer need confusion where you will make the area where your child’s learning position.

The last is mattress sofa model, is a model bed that wants to give meaning about the comfort more to the owner. The shape is exactly like a sofa, of course, will be lean again and easy to use. The bed is perfect for guest beds, which are designed to be as comfortable as possible and still simple.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bed is the area where you will relax the body condition that is tired of everyday life. To maintain health and body metabolism, it is necessary to sleep or rest well, not only in time, but also the actual quality of sleep. The mattress is included in the furniture that is very must-have for everyone to ensure their rest. Confused about how to choose the right mattress for your needs?

Size and Thickness

It is very important that you adjust the size of the mattress to the bed or occupants who will use the mattress is the first thing that must be done. For example, if the mattress user has a height of 150 cm, then you must choose a mattress with a minimum size of 10 cm longer than the size of the wearer to support the body perfectly.


A very common material in bedding is usually latex. For those of you who have skin allergies, first check the material and type for your mattress.

Customize Needs

For those of you who are single or single, it is recommended to choose a mattress of the same size. Or in other words adjust the needs of your bed.


Well, this is it, usually when people buy furniture, they first check whether the warranty is there or not, because
pay attention to the warranty from the mattress brand. usually a good guarantee for a mattress
is above 5 years. Therefore immediately love clearly about the warranty before you
buy a mattress.

Place Service

To find out where the service or mattress repair service is if the mattress you are after is damaged is a very IMPORTANT thing. what to do next? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to ask the shop that sell the mattress to tell the service location for the mattress brand you are going to buy.

So those are tips for choosing a good mattress, hopefully it will be useful for you, thank you.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, if you need additional space or bedrooms but the space in the house no longer exists, it’s time to take a look at your attic. The attic roof is triangular in shape and is considered to have an unattractive shape, making the attic area often only used as a warehouse or storage area for goods. Well this time we will discuss tips for designing attic rooms.

Roof Height & Ventilation

The first thing to consider when designing an attic room is the height of the roof of the house. Make sure the ceiling height on the attic roof has a slope limit of up to 50 percent. This is the standard size when you are in the attic standing. In addition, a room in the attic has hot air because it is at the top of the house. Therefore, the attic or mezzanine will also feel stuffy and stuffy. To work around this, install roof tiles made of aluminum foil that can reflect back radiation from the sun. The use of tile with aluminum foil will make the room temperature feel cooler even on a hot day. To maintain the coolness and health of the occupants of the attic room, you can also add a roof turbine ventilator.

Strong Structure & Foundation

Also pay attention to the structure of the material used. choose a strong material for the attic and the floor. If the attic is sturdy and strong you don’t have to worry about putting the chairs in the attic. Stairs to the attic are also expected to use materials and have a form that is not harmful. To facilitate the work of the handyman, you can prepare a drawing of the specifications for the size of the material prepared for interior and architectural design services. Therefore, you should use their services for the manufacture of mezzanines. The designers will help you design your dream bedroom in the attic that is both comfortable and budget-effective.

Decoration & Design

Because the top of the house has hot air, to make an attic room, you must have a good ventilation system. at least you have to make one window in the attic room. Aside from being an air vent, windows also function as a source of natural lighting.

Bed Design

If the height of the mezzanine ceiling is not too high and the size of the attic room is not too large, then trick the bed without the use of a bed, and use a carpet as a bed base. But if you still want to use the bed, choose one that is not too high like a low Japanese-style bed. This is done to make your room feel more spacious and make the ceiling of the room feel higher too.


Because the position of the attic space is above, it is quite difficult to use large furniture. Besides being difficult to carry upstairs, the use of large furniture will also make your room feel cramped. Especially if your attic space is small. Choose simple furniture that is small and easy to move. So when you are bored and want to rearrange or rearrange the room, you can easily do it.

That is the concept of utilizing the attic area by designing a mezzanine. Unique loft room design in an area that forgotten. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to design the attic in your home, That is all and thank you.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, have you found any furniture that is suitable for your child’s room?
Furniture is very important to complete the contents of the house. However, for children’s rooms, of course, you can’t just choose and arrange furniture, because the size of the room is not so wide that multifunctional furniture is needed. Multifunctional furniture that is practical and certainly won’t take up much space. The following is a children’s room furniture design that is multifunctional.

Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is a bunk bed for your child who wants to sleep together, this bed is very minimalist and doesn’t take up much space for your child’s room.

Chest Drawer 3D

This 3D Chest Drawer serves to store children’s toys, books, etc. This place takes up little space for your child’s room.

Baby Rocking

Baby Rocking for your toddler bed, unique design and very cute shape for your toddler.

School Desk

The School Desk is a special study table for children, which is perfect for your child’s room who likes to read and write.

Piano Set

The piano set is perfect for a child’s room who loves to play music and learn to play the piano.

Victorian Wardrobe

Victorian Wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe that can store children’s clothes, school uniforms, children’s toys, etc.

Those were 6 children’s furniture that are very suitable for children’s rooms. Don’t forget to share this article on your Facebook, Twitter, or others. Thank you.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, a modern minimalist style that tends to be simple, has become one of the most popular and most sought after design styles. Even so, do not traditional style. Traditional interior design still has its fans. The traditional interior, which is dominated by the use of wood elements, is able to give a warm impression to the occupants. That impression is what makes a traditional-style house feel very comfortable and comfortable to live in. You can also bring this traditional style design in the bedroom space. To add a unique feel, you can also personalize it; combine it with cultural elements. Brown furniture carved with chisels, certain motifs, to the use of chandeliers can make the atmosphere of a traditional-style bedroom very distinctive and warm. If you feel bored with traditional carved decorations and lamps, you can try to marry them with a luxury style that is chic, tropical, casual, to a modern touch. For more details, see the following brief explanation.


Mosquito nets or also known as bed canopies are decorative elements that you can present for traditional rooms. Mosquito nets give a beautiful appearance and a romantic impression. Not only beautiful, it has a special function of protecting your mosquito net from mosquitoes or other insects. Previously you had to provide a pole as a bed canopy to hang the mosquito net. choice of poles that are tailored to your wishes.

Use a white cloth that is not too thick. Even though it is an easy and simple decoration, mosquito nets are able to give a romantic and luxurious impression. The use of wood as a bedroom roof is also a unique decorative option. Beautiful mosquito nets will be more beautiful and traditional impression with the presence of a wooden roof. Wood gives a touch of natural color that makes the bedroom feel warmer and more comfortable.


Another way to bring a traditional atmosphere and impression to the bedroom area is to use wooden furniture. Wood elements will give a warm impression throughout the room. Use wood that has distinctive carvings and certain motifs. There are many models of furniture with wood type materials available in furniture stores. You can choose the type of wood you want, such as plywood or mdf. Apart from that, you can also create custom furniture with the help of a designer. Or there is nothing wrong if you buy used wooden furniture. Just don’t forget to pay attention to the conditions and benefits before buying.


The next step that can be taken when decorating a bedroom in a traditional style is the use of chandeliers or chandeliers. The chandelier in the bedroom not only serves as a source of lighting, but also becomes a very beautiful decorative element. Adjust the shape of the chandelier to the size of your bedroom. If the size of the room is small, you should choose a chandelier that is also small and simple. However, for rooms that are more than 4×6 square meters, you can use more complex and even complex models. The uniqueness of the chandelier model can give an elegant impression to a traditional-style bedroom.

By decorating a bedroom like the example above, you will get a beautiful, elegant and comfortable traditional style bedroom design. The atmosphere of space with the simplicity of the past in the most private room in your home.


Hello friends, Bali Interio, having a comfortable bedroom is certainly a dream for everyone. A comfortable bedroom will certainly support the comfort of your rest time. In addition, comfortable room conditions can also make you not feel bored even though you are doing daily activities. However, it is very pleasant for many people who think that the comfort of a spacious bedroom will certainly be very comfortable to live in. Actually, the difficulty in designing a 3×3 meter bedroom is how to make the room look wider than its actual size. Here are tips that you can apply to design a 3×3 bedroom space:


In designing a very comfortable 3×3 room, of course you need to pay attention to the choice of cat wall color used. The color of the walls is very influential on the atmosphere of your 3×3 room. For a small room size, you should use soft neutral colors such as white, beige, green or natural colors. These colors can make the atmosphere of the room fresh and cool. In addition, the choice of neutral colors also makes a spacious impression in the room.


In designing a very comfortable 3×3 room, of course you need to pay attention to the choice of cat wall color used. The color of the walls is very influential on the atmosphere of your 3×3 room. For a small room size, you should use soft neutral colors such as white, beige, green or natural colors. These colors can make the atmosphere of the room fresh and cool. In addition, the choice of neutral colors also makes a spacious impression in the room.


As explained earlier, after you choose the furniture that you will place in the bedroom, the next step is to arrange the furniture. You can start by laying the bed. A good bed arrangement in designing a room is to place it in a corner of the room away from the bedroom door.


By utilizing the walls of your bedroom, you can do various things that support the comfort of the bedroom. For example, you can use wall furniture such as wall shelves as a place to store books, make up, accessories, or other items.


And the last is by decorating the bedroom to make it more attractive, simple and minimalist room decorations will make the room more beautiful and attractive. Do not use a lot of decorations because it will create a crowded impression in your small room.

So that’s it from tips on designing your 3×3 room, I hope this article is useful for you. That is all and thank you.


Hello friends, Bali Interio, an autistic child, generally has difficulty communicating and interacting. Despite having communication difficulties, some of these quirky kids also have tons of energy. Then, these children are known as hyperactive children. Psychologically, hyperactivity is an abnormal behavior disorder caused by neurological dysfunction. The main symptom of this disorder is not coping with attention. Having a very active child does require special needs. The room is a space where the child does a lot of his favorite activities in that place. Therefore, as a parent you should really pay attention to the design of the room for autistic children and hyperactive children.


The use of furniture is something that must really be considered when designing a children’s room with special needs. choose heavy and bulky furniture. This is expected to reduce the activity of children. In addition, avoid placing accessories at a height. placement, place shelves, tables and cabinets on the floor or make them firmly attached to the wall. Don’t forget to use safety latches on all drawers, doors and cabinets. the advantage of using furniture that has a shape with sharp or pointed edges. And avoid also using cabinet knobs and drawers that are too small or even too big.

Cat Wall

In many cases, there are many hyperactive children who are difficult for their parents to calm down. Therefore, it is very important to choose a wall paint color that can soothe this special children’s room. In order for the child to feel comfortable and calm while in his room, you can use a wall paint color with a soft color. You can use neutral and soft colors like white, gray and soft or pastel colors. There’s nothing wrong with asking what your child’s favorite color is for their room.

Practice Place

Apart from being a place of rest, hyperactive children’s rooms are also expected to be a space for the development of their little ones. Hyperactive children’s rooms are functionally designed, becoming their training ground. Set limits on children not to use some items using visuals, such as the use of red tape. Make interesting and comfortable corners that are children’s favorites. You can put a bean bag, blanket, pillow or stuffed animal. Add some sensory therapy tools like ball, mini trampoline etc.


In general, hyperactive children often have trouble sleeping. This is because they are very sensitive to external stimuli. Such as sound and light that is too bright, or sounds from outside that can be heard in the room. To overcome and help prevent this problem you can use carpet. Carpets can minimize the sound of footsteps, thus making the room feel calmer. Also make sure the door does not make a creaking sound when opened. As a protection from outside light, use simple curtains that do not use ropes. Finally, avoid placing a table or chair in the area near the window.

So those are some tips for designing a hyperactive child’s room, hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to design your child’s bedroom. That is all and thank you.


Minimalist Bedroom is suitable for you who have minimalist house, with the simple design but still look modern and also comfortable.

Bedroom is one of the most private place at your home, there are many things that you should consider to make your bedroom fell comfortable and enjoyable. Because after fully job and daily activity, the perfect place to rest is in the bedroom and sometimes there are some people who like to continue doing their job at home. The alternative choice for minimalist house is Minimalist Bedroom. This is evident with the various design provided by this minimalist-style bed, you can customize it according to your needs and desires anytime.

Rigid and boring impression may be possible if you have a conventional bed, but with this bed , you will be far from the boring rigid impression. This bedroom also suitable for the new family because you don’t need a wide room to put your furniture. With a special design, you can even turn your bed into a chair by turning it over. This way can make you get 2 functions at once without having to bother. And also if we have a minismalist furniture’s design, it will not being too complicated to clean it.

Like the other rooms, if you want to arrange your bedroom, you must choose the good furniture. When you buy or make some furnitures for your bedroom, you should be consider aesthetic and comfort factors. The furniture should be attractive because the furniture can build a comfortable impression. Bedroom set usually consist of Bed, Dresser, Cupboard and Sofa Chair;


Bed becomes one of the thing that should be in your bedroom, therefore you must choose the bed with quite size, it means you will have a quite space to move while you are sleeping.


For women, the role of the dressing table very important to dress up. With dressing table in your room, your dressing up will be easier. Not only that, the dressing table also can be used for writing table or desk that make your work easier.


Cupboard is the thing that we need for our daily activity. Because every day we must to maintain our thing in the cupboard, such us : clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Most of people want to have a big clothes cupboard, but in the fact there is no space for the cupboard or there is no cloth that we can put into the cupboard.


If you have a room design with adequate area, and then you can also put a sofa seat in your room that has function to relax while watching television. This chair also can be used for sleeping when you are not in the activity or when you feel tired.

If you buy the Furniture for Minimalist Bedroom, preferably choose with the best design and material. Find the best material and make the plan or design about how the shape of the furniture.