Hello friends of Bali Interio, tidying up the interior of your home is not only placing what is placed on top of the wardrobe / wardrobe, but also making sure that the wardrobe itself from the outside has class and an attractive interior design style.

A Wardrobe can really enhance your lifestyle, add to the beauty and efficiency of your home and most importantly you can save yourself a few minutes every morning of finding clothes available if there is not enough wardrobe.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to get a wardrobe that fits your needs, the most important thing is to pay attention to the tips below.

interior wardrobe tips to optimize its function


Place all accessories on a shelf separate from your clothes. This way you not only want to know, but also make sure that they are easy to find if needed. Again, you save your time.

rarely used items

Place items that are rarely used in the wardrobe that are not easily accessible, such as seasonal items such as suitcases, umbrellas, spare pillows or other things that are not used often . This way you leave more room for the clothes and accessories you wear often.

strong material

Use strong and quality materials for your wardrobe. You probably don’t intend to quickly replace it in two years because it’s not standing up straight anymore .

clothes hanger

Use clothes hangers according to what you ordered. You don’t need to use expensive hangers if you can adjust the amount of your clothes according to their ability to hold them. The arrangement of the hanging clothes room will affect the strength of the hanger.

clean up

clean regularly and keep it fresh. Set aside your free time once every two weeks to clean the dust inside. Use chemicals that are often sold in supermarkets to keep the inside of the wardrobe dry and not damp.