The Importance of Interior Completeness in Creating Comfort and Balance in Your Home

Home is the place where we spend most of our time. Therefore, it is crucial to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere inside our homes so that we can feel content and relaxed. One essential factor in establishing such an ambiance is interior completeness. This article will discuss why interior completeness plays a significant role in influencing the atmosphere and comfort within our homes.

Reflecting Identity and Personal Style:

Interior completeness of a home reflects the owner’s identity and lifestyle. Choosing furniture, decorations, and accessories that align with one’s personality and aesthetic preferences helps create a unique and personal space. When surrounded by decor that reflects who we are, we feel more connected to our homes and genuinely feel like we belong.

Enhancing Balance and Creativity:

A well-arranged interior can create both visual and functional balance in a room. Thoughtful organization provides proper flow between spaces, making it easier to move around and engage in everyday activities. Moreover, an inspiring and attractive interior can boost creativity and make us feel more inspired in our daily lives.

Improving Space Functionality and Efficiency:

Selecting the right furnishings and smart space planning can enhance the efficiency of the rooms in our homes. When furniture and decor are well-organized, we can maximize the use of limited space and create better storage solutions. A tidy and well-arranged home provides an environment that is easier to maintain and keep clean, thereby increasing overall comfort and functionality.

furnitureInfluence on Mood and Emotional Well-being:

Interior completeness has a significant impact on our mood and emotional well-being. Thoughtfully chosen colors, textures, and lighting can create a warm, peaceful, or even joyful atmosphere. Comfortable and ergonomic furniture also provides essential physical comfort that contributes to our overall well-being.

Increasing Property Value:

A well-designed home with attractive interior completeness can also increase the property’s value. Should you decide to sell your home in the future, appealing and high-quality interior design will be a significant draw for potential buyers and can boost the resale value of your home.


In creating a comfortable, pleasant, and well-functioning home, interior completeness plays a crucial role. From aesthetic aspects to space efficiency, thoughtfully chosen interior elements can enhance our quality of life and have a positive impact on our emotional well-being. Therefore, investing in good interior completeness is a wise decision in creating a home that we truly love and take pride in.

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How to Prevent Common Forms of Damage

Furniture is an important part of decorating our homes or businesses. However, we frequently experience concerns with furniture deterioration, which can jeopardize both its beauty and functioning. This post will go through some of the most prevalent causes of furniture damage and offer advice on how to avoid it. placing furniture near heat sources or direct sunlight exposure.

Moisture and temperature

Improper moisture and temperature levels can cause furniture deterioration. High humidity can cause wood to expand, resulting in fractures or shifts in the structure of the furniture. Low humidity, on the other hand, can cause dry and brittle wood. Extreme temperatures can also have an influence on furniture, particularly those constructed of temperature-sensitive materials. Maintain a consistent humidity and room temperature to avoid moisture and temperature damage. When required, use air humidifiers or dehumidifiers, and avoid placing furniture near heat sources or direct sunlight exposure.

Rough and inappropriate Usage

Rough and inappropriate usage can also cause furniture damage. Excessive force used to open or close drawers, sit or jump on couches or beds, or place heavy things on tables not built to support such weight will eventually damage the furniture. To avoid damage from rough use, make sure the furniture is utilized properly and as intended. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s care instructions and usage guidelines.

Improper Maintenance

Failure to do correct maintenance might result in furniture damage. Using strong or abrasive cleaning products might harm the surface covering of the furniture and destroy its natural sheen. Read the manufacturer’s care instructions and only use the specified maintenance items.

Insects and Pests:

Insects and pests such as termites and woodworms can cause extensive damage to wood furniture. These bugs can damage the wood structure, reducing its strength and attractiveness. Regularly examine your furniture to prevent bug and pest infestations. Use protective coatings and take preventive actions such as keeping your property clean and avoiding the collection of wood waste around your home.

t is essential to understand the most prevalent causes of furniture damage in order to prevent it. We can extend the lifespan and maintain the beauty of our furniture by keeping optimal humidity and temperature levels, utilizing furniture responsibly, exercising basic maintenance, and protecting against insects and vermin. Remember that prevention is better than cure, and with a little attention and care, your furniture can last for years.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, although almost modern homes have limited land now, it does not mean that you will leave your kitchen open without furniture. At least you have a kitchen set to store various cutlery.

The function of kitchen set was not only limited for storage, but also to beautify the appearance of your kitchen. If your house is small, you should use this condition in choosing a kitchen set.

Select the appropriate width

There are two kinds of kitchen set, which is U-shaped and L-shaped. Usually U-shaped kitchen set is used for a spacious kitchen and home owners have a lot of cutlery. If your kitchen is small, you should use L-shaped kitchen set.

Also adjust the number of storage cabinets with the equipment you want to keep, and it is best to distinguish frequently used tableware with cutlery used only for formal occasions.

Kitchen set one side

f your kitchen is very small, say that you live in an apartment no more than 30 square meters, use the kitchen set only on one side of the wall.

This kitchen set usually consists two cabinets only at the top, and the bottom is used as a gas storage and oven. This limited set of kitchens will help you to cut down on cutlery expenditure.

(Tips : Stay Clean Kitchen Without the Assistance of the Household Assistant)

Place cooking utensils in a kitchen set

It would be better if the kitchen set already provides storage equipment for cooking equipment. For example, there is a table for laying the stove, there is a hallway to store the refrigerator, microwave, and there is a table as a location for cutting and preparing groceries.

Use bright colors

Although a dark kitchen set looks attractive, for a small room will be more comfortable and airy if using a brightly colored kitchen set, such as white.

The cabinet door also does not have to use wood or fully covered, you can ask wooden craftsmen using glass or mirror as closet cupboard kitchen set.

Now, no need to pessimistic again with a small kitchen at home. You also do not need hesitate if you have to buy a small residential as needed, because a small room can feel comfortable with the right tricks.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, mattress is soft, comfortable, and restful. Actually it does not have to be luxurious, because what is sought is a sense of comfort and sleep tight for our rest.

The first minimalist mattress is simple design, normal and simple. Because the physical does not have a significant difference with the mattresses of other models. But in terms of size, of course, the simple design must be smaller.

The second minimalist mattress, the model is short, it means the height measure is short. The legs of the bed are designed shorter than the usual size. The main purpose is to give the impression of a more spacious, while the position is in your minimalist bedroom. Short minimalist bed is very useful for those who often fall out of bed when he is asleep.

The third mattress minimalist is round model, which is one of the minimalist model round bed concept. Almost still exactly the same with the concept of round table selection, for the arrangement in the living room or dining room. A very round shape, of course, will be more important in saving the room than the square shape.

Number four is mattress level model, is the minimalist bed model that we recommend the most for you. In addition to saving a room, also bed level model can provide a place for two people at once. That is the reason why model beds are often used in bedrooms for children. Bed level can also be modified, the way is by placing the study area at the bottom and with the bed above it. So, you no longer need confusion where you will make the area where your child’s learning position.

The last is mattress sofa model, is a model bed that wants to give meaning about the comfort more to the owner. The shape is exactly like a sofa, of course, will be lean again and easy to use. The bed is perfect for guest beds, which are designed to be as comfortable as possible and still simple.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, this time we will provide tips and tricks to tidy up your desk at home or at the office. There are a few TIPS AND TRICKS TO tidy up your work desk that you can follow below

Determine your table layout

The first thing to do is to design what items are on the table. Pay attention to job requirements. If you need a computer, arrange the placement of the computer as comfortable as possible. Items that are used frequently are placed in an easily accessible place, while items that are not used frequently are placed elsewhere.

Archive documents

Make sure the documents on the table are neatly arranged. Use a holder or other document holder to accommodate these documents. If it is not enough, look for another document shelter. Divide documents based on predefined classifications. This will make it easier for you to find documents if you need them at any time. In this case, you also have to select documents that are actually worked on and those that are not. Don’t let the documents on your desk pile up and get mixed up.

Provide a place for office knick-knacks

Do you have sticky notes, paper clips, binder clips, pencils, pens that you usually use for work? Put these items in a special place. You can place a pencil holder to put stationery and/or jars. Even though these items look small, if they are not arranged, they will make your desk look messy.

Arrange the cables around the table

You will be disturbed if you see computer, telephone, and LAN cables tangled unkemptly around. Untidy cable ties can limit activity and make it unsightly.

Prepare snacks on the table

Jika Anda membutuhkan camilan untuk teman bekerja, jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menyiapkannya di atas meja. Camilan kecil bisa membantu fokus dan menunda lapar. Ketika Anda menaruh camilan di meja, jangan lupa sediakan juga tisu.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, cleanliness of the bathroom must maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, as the slogan of cleanliness is part of some faith. This is so that your bathroom is protected from viruses and bacteria that often breed in dirty areas.

Diligently Draining the Tub & Brushing the Bathroom

Draining tubs and showers is one way to clean the bathroom. By draining the tub and bathroom such as walls, floors, because it can reduce the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom. You can also give ABATE as a deterrent to the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom.

Room Freshener Plants

Green plants can be placed in the bathroom, usually can be placed in the bath or can also be hung on the bathroom door. This will also provide a fresh atmosphere because the green plants will produce oxygen and clean the air.

Give Room Deodorizer

In addition to plants, you can also provide room deodorizer or aromatherapy which is widely sold in shops. Air freshener will make the air cleaner and fresher. In addition, unpleasant odors in the bathroom can also disappear quickly.

Interest of Unused Items

Items such as soap or shampoo bottles that have run out, used tissues and other used items. All of these items will reduce the cleanliness of the bathroom and make the room dirty so that germs and bacteria will quickly multiply.

Make Air Circulation

Creating air circulation in the bathroom is important. at least make one or two windows, so that air is free to enter and exit.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bed is the area where you will relax the body condition that is tired of everyday life. To maintain health and body metabolism, it is necessary to sleep or rest well, not only in time, but also the actual quality of sleep. The mattress is included in the furniture that is very must-have for everyone to ensure their rest. Confused about how to choose the right mattress for your needs?

Size and Thickness

It is very important that you adjust the size of the mattress to the bed or occupants who will use the mattress is the first thing that must be done. For example, if the mattress user has a height of 150 cm, then you must choose a mattress with a minimum size of 10 cm longer than the size of the wearer to support the body perfectly.


A very common material in bedding is usually latex. For those of you who have skin allergies, first check the material and type for your mattress.

Customize Needs

For those of you who are single or single, it is recommended to choose a mattress of the same size. Or in other words adjust the needs of your bed.


Well, this is it, usually when people buy furniture, they first check whether the warranty is there or not, because
pay attention to the warranty from the mattress brand. usually a good guarantee for a mattress
is above 5 years. Therefore immediately love clearly about the warranty before you
buy a mattress.

Place Service

To find out where the service or mattress repair service is if the mattress you are after is damaged is a very IMPORTANT thing. what to do next? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to ask the shop that sell the mattress to tell the service location for the mattress brand you are going to buy.

So those are tips for choosing a good mattress, hopefully it will be useful for you, thank you.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the sink is one of the main needs in the house or residence, because the sink is very helpful for activities both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Now we will give easy tips to remove stains on the sink.

step one

Keep all things or objects from the sink.

step two

Fill the sink with hot water so that the stains on the sink are easy to clean. Don’t forget to close the drain on the water.

step three

The next step is to brush the sink, mothers can pour detergent into the sink and scrub the entire sink.

step four

Clean the drain hole if the air vent in the sink is clogged, fill it with air and add two tablespoons of caustic soda. After about half an hour, the dirt in the drain will dissolve on its own. Don’t forget to rinse the sink with clean water so that there are no caustic soda stains left.

last step

Finally, wipe dry on the sink that has been cleaned and you can also rub toothpaste into the ceramic sink to keep it shiny. But it would be even better if this scrubbing was done when the sink was new and was about to be installed.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, if you need additional space or bedrooms but the space in the house no longer exists, it’s time to take a look at your attic. The attic roof is triangular in shape and is considered to have an unattractive shape, making the attic area often only used as a warehouse or storage area for goods. Well this time we will discuss tips for designing attic rooms.

Roof Height & Ventilation

The first thing to consider when designing an attic room is the height of the roof of the house. Make sure the ceiling height on the attic roof has a slope limit of up to 50 percent. This is the standard size when you are in the attic standing. In addition, a room in the attic has hot air because it is at the top of the house. Therefore, the attic or mezzanine will also feel stuffy and stuffy. To work around this, install roof tiles made of aluminum foil that can reflect back radiation from the sun. The use of tile with aluminum foil will make the room temperature feel cooler even on a hot day. To maintain the coolness and health of the occupants of the attic room, you can also add a roof turbine ventilator.

Strong Structure & Foundation

Also pay attention to the structure of the material used. choose a strong material for the attic and the floor. If the attic is sturdy and strong you don’t have to worry about putting the chairs in the attic. Stairs to the attic are also expected to use materials and have a form that is not harmful. To facilitate the work of the handyman, you can prepare a drawing of the specifications for the size of the material prepared for interior and architectural design services. Therefore, you should use their services for the manufacture of mezzanines. The designers will help you design your dream bedroom in the attic that is both comfortable and budget-effective.

Decoration & Design

Because the top of the house has hot air, to make an attic room, you must have a good ventilation system. at least you have to make one window in the attic room. Aside from being an air vent, windows also function as a source of natural lighting.

Bed Design

If the height of the mezzanine ceiling is not too high and the size of the attic room is not too large, then trick the bed without the use of a bed, and use a carpet as a bed base. But if you still want to use the bed, choose one that is not too high like a low Japanese-style bed. This is done to make your room feel more spacious and make the ceiling of the room feel higher too.


Because the position of the attic space is above, it is quite difficult to use large furniture. Besides being difficult to carry upstairs, the use of large furniture will also make your room feel cramped. Especially if your attic space is small. Choose simple furniture that is small and easy to move. So when you are bored and want to rearrange or rearrange the room, you can easily do it.

That is the concept of utilizing the attic area by designing a mezzanine. Unique loft room design in an area that forgotten. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to design the attic in your home, That is all and thank you.