Hello friends of Bali Interio, many people have found that white is a boring color because it is used too much. White color is considered to have a cold impression that often occurs. People also prefer to use cream colors that have a more ‘warm’ impression, or other softer colors.

However, today, everything changed in an instant. With the increasing popularity of Scandinavian and minimalist styles, white is back with a more meaningful feel compared to the previous era.

When combined with other colors, white can look bold and striking but still offers a warm, cozy atmosphere. So, this color is mostly used as an accent.

In the Scandinavian design style, white is used more, which is also very characteristic.

However, it is important to remember, there are many aspects and factors that support the application of this white color into the interior, be it positive or even negative aspects.

One of the positive aspects of applying white to interiors is that it can change the impression of a space that is simple, pure, and interactive.

However, when it comes to negative aspects, this white color can also backfire if not applied with some adjustments. white will feel very bright and pleasant when we just come home from school, work, or after doing strenuous activities that drain energy.


As a neutral color, white is one of the favorite colors and is relatively popular. However, the application of white in this interior design requires some checking and data processing first. It requires adjustments and/or personalization so that the resulting negative impacts can be minimized or even eliminated.

We will take the example of applying white to the kitchen area.

From the kitchen to one of the communal areas that are a favorite of all residents, this area really has to be designed with great care.

So, what is the use of white in the kitchen area to make this room not only visually appealing but also comfortable for everyone?

Let’s start from the perspective of white from the experts, or based on the science of color psychology.

Although about whether white is an element of color or not is still very dynamic, on average everyone believes and believes that white represents purity, purity, or perfection.

This is like the opinion of some experts, that the color white represents simplicity, purity, innocence, and perfection.

The best example of delivering this message of perfection you can probably see from many products. Apple is at the forefront of using this color as its identity. White on Apple products represents the simplicity of their products in form and function. at least so according to experts. Of course you can agree or not.

White also comes with absoluteness or sterility. That’s why many designers use white to convey a minimalist, clean and modern aesthetic.

Here are some designer recommendations on how to apply white so that its use can feel maximum and produce positive aspects in the room:


In the picture above, white has an important role because it is placed in the middle between black, maroon, and wood elements.

This makes white a focal point or point of interest in the minimalist kitchen.

The balance with the surrounding colors also makes white a differentiator which results in a very visually appealing interior appearance.

In addition to being visually attractive, the use of white in combination with other colors also gives the impression of an extroverted or familiar room. Minimalist kitchen interior with a combination of white, black, maroon, and a few wood accents, looks very relaxed and intimate.


White color will look more attractive and not intersect with other colors if it is used dominantly in your kitchen.

It also adds light to the entire kitchen area or space, especially between the upper, lower cabinets, and the entire kitchen set, allowing you to incorporate elements of other colors in one way or another.

If your kitchen walls are dominated by white, other options to include other color elements in the cabinet are very diverse and almost endless.

This is where the power of white or neutral is. When applied as a background, incorporating elements of any color into it will result in something very different, and of course interesting.


With the dominant application of white which still leaves little room for accents or other color elements in the room, full white seems to completely eliminate that opportunity.

Although it doesn’t completely eliminate the space or area to install other color choices, the application of white to the kitchen area as a whole is actually not illegal to do.

As shown in the picture, even though there are a few wooden accents in the kitchen set, as well as green elements in the plants, a white Scandinavian kitchen can give birth to a fresh atmosphere, and especially the impression of being spacious and airy.

Well, those are some ways to apply white, especially for the kitchen area so that this communal space can look very visually attractive and comfortable.

However, it’s important for you to remember, as a neutral color, we can’t just use this interior paint color choice, just any. If you are not careful, this color can also have a negative impact on the comfort of the room.